Fractional Ablative Skin Resurfacing

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What is fractional ablative skin restoration?

"Ablatement"' means that the laser beams actually vaporize the  targeted tissue in order to promote your body's natural healing process.  The fractional ablative laser stimulates collagen production. This means that as you heal you will see new, healthy tissue replace the old affected tissue, resulting in healthier, supple, and younger-looking skin.

What are the benefits?

  • Fractional technology allows for one day reepithelialization and a downtime range of 2-4 days: “A Friday treatment and a Monday workday.”
  • Our laser treatment is a single treatment procedure due to our ability to offer three modalities: short pulse for more ablation, long pulse for adjustable thermal damage, and a dual pulse for a combination of both.
  • Our laser has advanced thermal capabilities which allow the doctor to tailor the level of ablation, coagulation and skin tightening based on the patient's needs and desires.

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How does it work?

Fountain Of Youth Medi Spas uses a 2940 nm wavelength; the most efficient at removing damaged skin. Unique micro-fractional technology preserves portions of healthy tissue surrounding the treatment zone, fostering unprecedented rates of re-epithelialization which equals less downtime for you AND with significantly less pain than traditional ablative laser procedures.


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Conditions Treated


Our laser light penetrates skin to just the right depth with just the right level of heat to evoke a dramatic healing response that promotes collagen production.  The end result is the diminished appearance of fine lines.