Skin Rejuvenation with Ultherapy

Stand firm in the face of gravity—with Ultherapy®! Fountain Of Youth Medi Spa is among the most elite practices to offer the Ultherapy procedure for lifting sagging skin on your neck, chin and brow—without surgery! Now, improvement can be achieved like never before with lines and wrinkles on your décolletage using this FDA-cleared treatment. Ultherapy uses tried-and-true ultrasound to stimulate the production of collagen deep within your skin, in a completely non-invasive way.  Fountain Of Youth Medi Spa is proud to offer the acclaimed non-surgical lifting procedure Ultherapy in Fishkill, NY (located in the New York City metropolitan area). One treatment. No downtime. Natural results.

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Everyone is talking about Ultherapy

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH MEDI SPA REMAINS AT THE FOREFRONT OF INNOVATIVE COSMETIC TECHNOLOGY, TO KEEP PATIENTS LOOKING THEIR BEST. NOW INTRODUCING THE LATEST INNOVATIVE SKIN REJUVENATION TREATMENT ON THE MARKET, ULTHERAPY. For patients of all ages whether seeking to maintain current youthful elasticity or to restore former firmness. Only offered by the most progressive practices, Fountain Of Youth Medi Spa is pleased to be the first to bring exciting ULTHERAPY technology to New York State's Hudson Valley and beyond.

EVERYONE is talking about ULTHERAPY! You may have seen it featured on national TV shows such as Rachael Ray, The Doctors, 20/20 and The View, plus touted by big-name beauty editors from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and already fast gaining celebrity and supermodel fans who need to restore and extend their good looks for as long as possible! NOW YOU TOO can experience the treatment that is ACTUALLY "MAKING WAVES" while harnessing the power of ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen production underneath the skin. RESULTS ARE COMPARABLE TO A SURGICAL FACE LIFT and effects the same deep tissues that a surgical face lift would, without the downtime. At Fountain Of Youth Medi Spa, we offer the acclaimed non-surgical lifting procedure Ultherapy, which counteracts the effects of time and gravity on your facial and neck skin. The beauty of this 60-minute in-office procedure is that it stimulates the production of new collagen non-invasively. The result? Tighter, better-fitting skin that doesn't just resemble younger-looking skin but actually creates fresh collagen like that which is produced naturally during youth.

Ultherapy® Uplifting Ultrasound! Looking for a lift for sagging skin on your neck, chin or brow? Ultherapy may be just the solution! Ultherapy is a non-surgical lifting procedure for the face and neck that uses tried-and-true ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen production deep within your skin, providing a lift from the inside out. In less than an hour – and without any downtime – you’ll be well on your way to tighter, better-fitting skin. Now, Ultherapy is also the only non-invasive treatment specifically FDA-cleared to improve lines and wrinkles on the chest. So, dare to bare your décolletage once again!