Health starts on the inside with proper nutrition and shows on the outside of the body through the skin. It is only natural that what we put into our body essentially becomes part of our body. Mindful eating can play a huge role in dietary changes. The skin is the largest organ in the body and reflects on the outward appearance problems or deficiencies that are occurring in the body internally. Most people are told by their doctor to eat more fruits and vegetables but usually only eat the selection that they enjoy or choose not to at all. It is not a recent discovery that a whole food nutrition plan is one that works for everyone. Consuming more plant based foods and other nutrient dense foods found in nature, as compared to highly processed lab made foods is extremely beneficial to everyone's health and wellness.


What is a whole food nutritional approach?

A whole food nutritional approach is simply adding more foods in their true form (as found in nature) and removing foods that are highly processed. This style is easy, sustainable and definitely NOT a "fad diet." When adding more servings of fruits, vegetables and berries into your diet, these nutrient dense foods give your body exactly what it needs to thrive. In today's society we are nutrient deficient not calorie deprived.

A healthy lifestyle change is the right way to approach your nutritional goals for lasting results. Your body, health and skin will THANK YOU!

Nutritional Tips, Recipes & More...


Keeping a youthful appearance with the guidance of Fountain of Youth Medi Spa has never been easier. Beauty and health are two components that most overlook as relating to one another. The facts are supporting that what you put into your body matters, nutrition plays a key role in the best version of yourself.

Giving your body more whole food nutrition by implementing a smoothie a day regimen is delicious and rewarding. This can be as simple as this shared recipe.

Smoothie 1
Smoothie 1

Shred10 Program




Starting a healthier lifestyle is simple with the Shred10 program. Be sure to check out the link above under Wellness to get more information on the details of the 10 day healthy living plan.

Calorie counting works for everyone but when you are eating whole foods, there is no need to count calories! This is very exciting news for those trying to shred bad habits and get to a healthier weight. This program comes with amazing support, delicious recipes and an introduction to an amazing lifestyle that is easy to adapt too. Eating more nutrient dense foods and replacing bad habits that aren't serving your body are just two of the many benefits you can reap.



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